Body Painting

Painting has been a hobby I love doing…but body painting is a different story.


The skin texture is way different from a canvas. The sweat and the appearance of colours on the skin may differ per model.


With this work, I painted on top of a net and an embroidered placemat to make this design.  The birds are already tattooed at her back.

FullSizeRender 7I have to paint half of her body and her face. This concept came from a photographer. I took this photo behind the scenes. I will write a separate post for the finished photo.

Below’s photoshoot, is I think is one of the most interesting body painting job I have to do.  I painted her gold and bronze. I used bronze to create depth and shadows.
IMG_3993fullsizeoutput_4d8Body Painter/Makeup Artist: Kyrah Banks

Photographer : Lily Herman

Inspiration : “Petit Danseuse” by Edgar Degas




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